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We are now one of the exclusive salons to offer Coloring and Highlights. Give us a call to see whyColoring and Highlights  can be the better and more comfortable option for you!

Hotheads Hair Extensions

We are now one of the exclusive salons to offer Hotheads Hair Extensions. Give us a call to see why Hotheads can be the better and more comfortable option for you!

Cut, Style, Treatments, Special Events

We are now one of the exclusive salons to offer Cut – Men and Women. Give us a call to see why Cut can be the better and more comfortable option for you!

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Mary knows all the best products for keeping your hard color and extensions in great shape


Thanks Mary for my fabulous new hair cut!! My hair feels great, so much lighter and a lot more stylish!! Thanks again so much
Morgan Samantha
i call these 2 the dynamic duo of hairdressing my wife and i have been going to have our hair done my ernie and mary for quite a few years mary is always upto date on all the current styles weather its a colour change for my wife or hair extensions or a super soft conditioning treatment ,she is amazing. Ernie is also one of the best hair cutters i have ever seen,he does a great job everytime . Keep up the great work you 2.Love you both
Guido P.
I have been a client of Mary and Ernesto for many years, and have great trust and respect in their talents. The colour and style are always amazing suit my persona and capture my everyday life. When people stop you on the street and ask"who does your hair", you are thrilled to extend a phone number without consideration. They are passionate about their profession and it shows in their on-going relationships with their clients. Its an amazing experience each time I sit back and enjoy being beautified.
Susan Reis
Mary and Ernesto are exceptionally talented and best in class in their fields and they are the nicest, warmest, funniest and caring people you can imagine. For 25 years I have been faithfully going to see this dynamic dual. Every minute has been a delight and the hair dos are always fantastic. Mary has an incredible innate flair for colouring. Ernesto works magic with the scissors. They bring out the best in everyone they spend time with. It is always a pleasure to be with them and I look forward to another 25 years!! I highly recommend them!! xo Heather
H Gamble
I've been a satisfied client of Mary and Ernie's for over 20 years. Mary highlights my hair and Ernie cuts it. Both do their jobs to the highest standards and you won't meet nicer people anywhere. Recently Mary has added hair extensions to her repertoire and I have been a happy recipient of the magic she weaves! I have very fine hair and when I walk out of there with my hair thick and long I feel like a goddess. At least a half dozen random people commented on how great my hair looked today. Mary and Ernie are two of the best people I know, both in magical hair styling and in their exemplary human design.
H Thomson
I have been a client of Mary and Ernesto for more than five years. Throughout my many appointments with them I have never left the salon feeling disappointed or unsatisfied with their work. Mary and Ernesto are an amazing team dedicate to the work they do and the clients they serve. Here is to five plus years of amazing hair cuts and colours!
Amy Ventura